By purchasing the new Credit Card Signal Block Card, you can protect yourself against unauthorized scanning of your credit cards or debit cards while they are in your wallet or purse.  Carry your new cards with confidence and security knowing that your personal information is safe from hackers and thieves.

Credit Card Signal Block, inc. Security For Your RFID and EMV Gold Chip Credit Cards

Credit Card Signal Block, Inc. was formed to give everyone who carries the new Gold Chip Credit Card or Debit Card protection from hackers and thieves who can scan and steal your credit card numbers and personal information that is encoded in the Gold Chip. Purchase the Credit Card Signal Block to be protected now.


Everyone should know that the new Gold Chip Credit Cards and Debit Cards are very vulnerable. Although the US Government mandated that all credit and debit cards have the new Gold Chip technology by October, 2015 to protect their cards against theft, the problem is that hackers and thieves have already figured out a new way to steal your credit card numbers and personal information.  It's as simple as walking by with a pocket scanner.   You can protect your cards with the Credit card Signal Blocker.