Credit Card Signal Block, inc. Security For Your RFID and EMV Gold Chip Credit Cards

The New Gold Chip enabled Credit Cards.

For a few years now, credit cards in other parts of the world have moved to the new gold chip technology.  The United States has finally mandated that by October, 2015, all new credit cards will be gold chip enabled.   The gold chip credit card was developed to be more secure than the old magnetic swipe strip found on the back of your card.  Soon, all credit cards in the US will have a gold chip.  The big question, how safe is the new card?

 Is My Credit Card At Risk?

Imagine you’re standing in line at the store. The guy behind you in line is standing a little closer than you would like. It is uncomfortable but you don’t say anything. He gets a smirk on his face and moves back to a more comfortable distance. He’s just stolen your credit card without ever touching you. All credit and debit card issuers now have RFID enabled credit cards out on the market. The chip in those cards has everything you would need to make a purchase (name, card number, expiration date, etc.). These new cards are supposed to make customers lives easier, but in reality they’re making them even more vulnerable to identity theft. It’s not like the equipment is difficult to use or hard to come by either. For under $20, someone lurking around eBay can get all the equipment they would possibly need to build a powerful RFID reader and steal your information.

How Do You Stop Information Theft?

Credit Card Signal Block uses proprietary technology to prevent your credit card information from scanning by a hacker or thief.  Just put our card in your wallet or purse next to your RFID Gold Chip enabled cards.  This will prevent anyone from scanning your credit card and extracting your card number or any other personal information encoded on the chip.  Anyone who doesn’t do this is at RISK!